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With the unpredictable summers and the cold damp winders that we have in the UK, its not surprising that many of us dream of having our own place in the sun.

With Costa Blanca Caravans you can have your own luxurious caravan home sited on a fabulous caravan park in Spain, Portugal or France from £11950.

Most caravan parks have two swimming pools, an outdoor pool for summer use and a heated indoor pool for winter use, a bar and restaurant, supermarket, hairdresser and twenty four hour security.

Some of the popular activities include walking, golf, cycling, swimming, line dancing, ballroom dancing, Spanish lessons and computer lessons.

Twelve month caravan park site fees can cost less than what you would pay for a one week holiday in a hotel and you have the advantage of both you (and your friends and family) of being able to use you "place in the sun" whenever you like as all of the caravan parks are open all year round.

With the out-door lifestyle the European caravan parks offer it is very easy to make new friends and when you have been away from your "place in the sun" its fantastic to return to meet up with you old friends.